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About Peer Support Services

“Peer Support Service” is an evidence based practice, with proven scientific research findings that promote optimal outcomes since 2007. Peer Support Services also integrate the best available evidence and knowledge while keeping your loved ones unique needs at the forefront of all interactions.

Although peer support services have been used for decades, they have grown rapidly in recent years due to their proven efficacy and transformative effects on individuals and systems.

Benefits of Peer Support Services

  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved engagement and satisfaction with services and supports
  • Improved overall health (including chronic medical conditions, i.e. diabetes)
  • Decreased hospitalizations and inpatient days
  • Decreased substance use and depression
  • Decrease in psychotic symptoms
  • Increased sense of hope and inspiration
  • Increased capacity for empathy and acceptance
  • Increase in the practice of self-care and wellness
  • Increased social support and social functioning
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Increased sense of control over one’s life and the ability to bring about change
  • Data from SAMSA Website (1999, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2012)

What we offer at H.O.P.E.

  • One to one, in person, weekly peer sessions
  • Person centered, strength based approach
  • Advocacy
  • Skill building
  • Goal Setting
  • Linkage to community services, tools and resources
  • Shared experiences
  • Family support
  • Self-help education
  • Coordination of care for drug and alcohol treatment
  • Relationships with trusted allies in the community
  • Attentive, caring support
  • Judgment free listening and relating
  • Safe person to person connection

What to:

The role of a PSP is unique; it compliments clinical services such as therapy and case management. A PSP does not duplicate or replace clinical roles such as therapists and case managers or any other member of the treatment team.
PSPs will encourage continuity and benefits of services such as therapy, case management and psychiatry. H.O.P.E.will not aim to replace these services with a PSP.
PSPs will stay within their scope of practice, which is to provide support from a peer perspective with lived experience. PSPs will not provide therapy services.
PSPs will encourage and empower your loved one to advocate for themselves and to ask questions about their diagnosis. PSPs will not offer personal or professional opinions on your loved ones diagnosis.
PSPs will encourage discussion about the benefits of taking medications as prescribed, drawing on their own lived experience with medications. PSPs will not give opinions or recommendations, to any extent, regarding your loved ones medications.
PSPs will encourage your loved one to discuss any medication questions or concerns with their prescriber. PSPs will not prescribe or recommend changes or discontinuation of medications.

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Thurman Williams

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“Thurman Williams worked with my son Zeb, as a peer support specialist and case manager intermittently from November 2019 thru September 2020. Since I live in Northern California and my son was in treatment in Southern California, Thurman's assistance was extremely important to me, as he was able to help my son with transitioning from several different treatment programs into whatever was his next referral.

Thurman kept me informed all throughout this process and he is deeply knowledgeable and professional as a peer support specialist working with my son who has both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder.”

Ellen S

“With living out of state, Thurman has been a lifeline for us to support our son who battles schizophrenia and severe substance abuse. He has been an objective resource available to assist us at all hours and weekends. Thurman brings personal history, advocacy, and a vast knowledge of what is needed to implement treatment and long-term recovery. We trust him completely and know that his actions will show that he is an invaluable asset with a kind heart and amazing work ethic.”

Tommy & Carla N

“Thurman Williams was my colleague at The Priority Center, formerly known as Orange County Child Abuse Center, as Peer Mentor under the Adult In-Home Crisis Stabilization Program. Within the program and agency Thurman was well liked and respected due to his extensive knowledge and expertise in working in the communities we served. Furthermore, Thurman’s client strength-based approach helped build rapport with clients. I saw firsthand the difference that Thurman makes in the lives of those he mentored. He genuinely cares about their recovery and continued maintenance ensure they obtain the resources and support. I am proud to have worked with Thurman and call him my friend.”

Rafael B (Mental Health Specialist)

"Having Thurman as a peer specialist has greatly benefited me. He helps me stay on meds for my mental illness, he helps me get into rehap when I fall down. I can talk with him and he really listens without judgment. Thurman cares about me and is a incredible peer support specialist."

George (current H.O.P.E client)